How does a small Durbanville property running a flock of 50 sheep, 2 cows and a sheepdog become one of South Africa's most successful small wine cellars?

This type of Cinderella fairy tale only gets written if a few very special ingredients get blended with a number of happy coincidences. So what was our Nitida recipe?

First we found a piece of beautiful soil (just “to live on”), we also happened to really fancy drinking good wine. Maybe it helped to be inadvertently perfectly trained for the job of crafting a wine brand (Bernhard is a chemical engineer and Peta was in advertising).

Finally we just had to add some magic ingredients: Peta’s mother, our wonderful "Matriarch" helped us finance the farm; we found a 3-cylinder, 30 kilowatt, semi-derelict 1971 Ford tractor in the shed which we promptly named Pufford and learnt to drive; then there was Klaas, who had worked on the farm for years (he taught us to milk a cow and chase down sheep) and the final essential element was tonnes of energy and wonderful people.


Nitida Sauvignon Blanc 2017

Classy.Classic.Elegant. Heaps of cut grass with crispy green peppers and fresh orange blossom. Balancing this tautness into brilliance, is a fabulous fruity core, featuring apricots, litchis, granadilla and limes. Where romance and friendship come together in a wine. Share on the beach over cucumber wrapped sushi rolls.

Cultivar: 100% Sauvignon Blanc

Nitida The Wild Child 2017

A crème de la crème of enchantment. Sensual wild ferment style tempts with old fashioned peaches and Bosc brown pears. Heady depths of satin smooth oak bewitchingly brush Turkish apricot and sweet limes. Could transport your family roast pork leg and apple sauce into an unchartered realm.

Cultivar: 100% Sauvignon Blanc

Nitida Golden Orb 2015

Complete, understated, elegance re-defined. Stylish white asparagus polishes fresh Yuzu lemon fragrance. Highlights of spice and celery merge gently with very fresh granadilla and peach. Such refined craftmanship, there is no need to brag. Engages with Parma ham and melon, or leads the dance with a charcuterie plate.

Cultivar: 100% Sauvignon Blanc

(limited amounts available)

Nitida Riesling 2017

An indulgent affair, as heady honeysuckle rendezvous with dripping fresh fig and seductive gooseberries. Jasmine, aniseed spice and fresh coriander add a tad of sweetness to this intense tryst. Finally, a lusty dollop of marmalade adds extra intrigue. Made for an enduring relationship with Kashmiri Lamb.

Cultivar: 100% Rhine Riesling

(not to be confused with Cape Riesling, also called Crouchen Blanc)

Nitida The Tinkery 2016

Light Noble Rot treasure on Riesling grapes put under Danie's magical wand. Now a wondrous mouthful of jasmine, orange blossom becomes a statement of honey fig and ginger Turkish delight. Standout finish of delightful flambéed grapefruit and burnished naartjie. Demands authentic “Bo-Kaap Kerrie”!

Cultivar: 100% Rhine Riesling

Nitida The Tinkery 2017

Effortless harmony. Fresh jasmine introduces a silky synthesis of fruit and spice tangerines, peach, apricot and subtle cumin, so" cinnamon and fennel in delighted symmetry. Another Danie masterpiece. Worth visitng frequently between mouthfuls of tapas.

Cultivar: 100% Viognier

Nitida Sémillon 2017

Creamy, fine brioche with a meaty centre, like an accomplished  pizza. Delicate straw supports honey fynbos, soft wood and shapely lanolin pampered with wild coriander and whirl of cardamon. A Christmas ham essential or tomorrows seared tuna with sesame crust and stone fruit salad.

Cultivar: 100% Sémillon

Nitida Coronata Integration 2015

Chance upon a best friend. Crunchy quince, bursts of gooseberry and granny smith apples stroll arm-in-arm with wild sorrel, lemongrass and spring peashoots. Warms with lovely honey almond as delightful white pepper, organic nettles and gentle gun flint reminisce of previous Nitida jewels. For another indelible memory you could partner with an exotic Vietnamese Pho broth.

Cultivar: 60% Semillon, 40% Sauvignon Blanc

Nitida Pinot Noir 2016

No shrinking violet this. Rather an intricate sense of sweetness, with tantalizing rose petals, macerated strawberries and a sour cherry finish. Peppery nasturtium and exotic cardamom will elevate your traditional twice roasted duck and plum sauce, or be audacious, savour with herb encrusted Red Roman.

Cultivar: 100% Pinot Noir

Nitida Merlot 2016

Definitely no faded rose here, but a cabaret starring violet petals and gentle vanilla, almost caramel essence. As coconut shortbread boogies with tentative cedarwood, shady green-leaf illusions hover in the wings. Needs no partner, but will prove popular with Saturday's brisket and vegan spring rolls.

Cultivar: 100% Merlot

Nitida Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Bold yet beautiful. An experience of contrasts. Traditional expectations are effortlessly met, before a more contemporary journey through dimensions of raw cocoa, worked leather, black currants, dried oregano and rosemary begins. Will glamorize the heartiest of lamb shank pot pies with any of your best friends.

Cultivar: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon

Nitida Syrah 2016

Urban cosmopolitan, sophisticated and versatile, will make its home wherever. Fine velvet tannins cohabit with a polished sense of creamy toffee and a wealth of juicy plums. Refined pepper and coriander spice juxaposes innocent rhubarb and cranberry.

Cultivar: 100% Syrah

Nitida Calligraphy 2014

A rare combination of elegance with personality which will flourish into maturity! Blackberry, mulberry and red cherry feast captivates while firm dustings of Jarrah wood and dark cacao hint of the future. Will be brilliantly hosted by kudu carpaccio and pot roast guinea fowl pie.

Cultivar: 54% Merlot, 21% Cabernet Franc, 17% Cabernet Sauvignon, 4% Petit Verdot

(Magnum Bottle available)

Nitida The Tinkery red Blend 2012

A full bodied wine with upfront plum followed by a multitude of berries such as, mulberry, black berry and hints of raspberry on the nose. Berry fruit and mocha flavours follow through on the palate with a wonderful soft lingering aftertaste. The kind of wine that demands a aged fillet steak.

Cultivar: 60% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Franc and 10% Petit Verdot

Nitida The Dracks, a Matriarch 2016

See the morning in with wonderful apple strudel and spicy chai biscotti nuance. Let fresh green apple, nettles and lime highlights refresh as the sun shines, or relax later while mellow pear, litchi and juicy white nectarine proposition you from your glass. With a glass of the right superfine mousse in your hand, every part of every day is a noteworthy celebration.

Cultivar: 50% Pinot Noir; 50% Chardonnay