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How water stress affects grapes. 


As a lot of you should know, as Namibia is experiencing drought, the western cape is affected by this even more severe and as this is the part of the wine world that our beloved wines originate from, we did some research on how water stress affects grapes. We tried to juggle in as less as possible scientific words, but hey science is cool... specially wine science.

Water is critical for viticulture sustainability because grape production, quality, and economic viability largely depend on water availability. A great effort has been devoted to assess the influence of grapevine water status on berry composition. However, detailed assessments of aroma, the colour of the grapes and mouthfeel have rarely been undertaken.
In general, controlled water stress reduces berry weight and acidity but increases the soluble substances like salts, acid and tannins, colour pigments, and phenolics concentrations in red grapes, improving berry quality. However, when a certain threshold of water stress is surpassed, these beneficial effects are no longer observed. This response seems to depend on the combination rootstock/cultivar as well as on soil and climate conditions. Usually, higher levels of water stress are reported to reduce berry weight and malic acid concentrations while increasing colour pigments and sugar contents up to a threshold were they are negatively affected. 

All of this might affect flavour and quality characteristics of grapes and wines. So overall this means that the vintages that experienced water stress, are available in a much smaller volume due to less grapes making it through the quality check, but are still as good as their predecessors.

Wine News

Bubbly time at Wildehurst

Wildehurst released their second vintage of bubbly and this time it's three different ones. The first vintage made from 100% Chenin Blanc, received the "Hidden Gem" and four and a half stars from Platters. Excited to see how the second vintage will do. A very tiny amount Chenin Blanc bubbly is also available this year. Also try the new adds, Chardonnay and the Chenin Blanc / Chardonnay MCC. Good stuff to cool you down, if the heat gets to much.

Taste Buds

Pan Fried Squid with Chilli and Garlic

Squid attack! These slimy creatures are capable of providing the body with 90% of copper. What’s more, squid is good for those of us who are stressed out as it is rich in magnesium, which is able to relax nerves and muscles. Squid is also a good source of protein, helping us maintain healthy hair, skin, muscles, and nails. Squid is a sustainable seafood that is easy to cook in seconds.
So this sounds like the perfect dish for all these, that already feel the end-years pressure on their shoulders. Pair it with a glass of Cape Rock White or Grenache.

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