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Pros and Cons of Corks and Screw Caps


The preferred choice for closing wine since the beginning of modern Europe in the 1400’s. Cork bark is one of the few natural products that is malleable enough to hold the contents inside a glass bottle. Glass bottles became more popular to store wine during this same era. 


  • A Natural Renewable Resource
  • Historically Preferred
  • Longterm Aging Proven


  • Expensive 
  • 1-3% Affected by TCA ‘Cork’ Taint
  • Limited Natural Resource
  • Variable Quality
  • Natural Corks Breathe at Variable Rates 


Screw Caps and Cork Alternatives
Screw caps have been used in wine since 1964, but they’ve rapidly become a large share of the market. If you ever travel to Australia, you’ll notice that screw caps are on nearly every single bottle in the country. The reason cork alternatives have became so popular is because of a period of decreased quality cork manufacturing during the 1980’s.
Besides screw caps, there are several ‘fake’ corks made from plastics to plant-based polymers. 


  • More Affordable Option
  • No TCA ‘Cork’ Taint
  • Longterm aging studies have shown positive results
  • Screwcaps are easy to open


  • Some cork alternatives don’t breathe
  • Mostly Made From Non-Renewable Resources
  • Recyclable but Not Biodegradable
  • Variable Manufacturing Quality
  • Associated with ‘Cheap’ Wine

The longtime argument that corks are better because they breathe is now emulated in both screw caps and cork alternatives. Today you can buy screw caps with calculated levels of ‘oxygen ingress’ overtime. Ironically, real corks are actually quite variable with their oxygen ingress rates.
Bottles closed with a technical, agglomerated and colmated cork, which are low quality alternatives to natural cork, are also just as unreliable with their likeliness to cause cork taint. 
100% natural corks are one of the only options that are a true renewable resource but because of their high price tag, most are reserved for wines in the higher price range.

Wine News

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Strandvelds Méthode Cap Classique takes the name Skaamgesiggie or bashful Sugarbush as it is affectionately known, a very rare species of (Protea pudens) with unique downward hanging flowers. This timid flower is endemic to the Strandveld biosphere and is so endangered that it has been classified as a ‘red data’ species. The new release of fine pink sparkly bubbles is now available. 

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So another year almost done and dusted. Somewhere I read that we only have about 60 Days to Christmas... scary stuff. Which on the other hand, means even less days until the 1 of December... the first day of joyful unpacking of the first bottle of this years Wine Advent Calendar. 







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