Allée Bleue offers visitors a unique experience – world-class wines, fruit and herbs, stunning wedding and conference venues, a bistro and picnic venue, a fresh produce shop, warm hospitality, historic charm and contemporary art, surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of the Franschhoek Valley.

The Dauphin family have set the benchmark with Allée Bleue – an unparalleled location, elegant yet modern. An exceptional estate creating unforgettable memories.

 Allée Bleue Starlette Rosé 2018

Lovely cherry blossom colour. Fruit-driven style with abundant sweet strawberry and rose petal aromas. Also a hint of spiciness that is derived from the Shiraz grapes. The palate is reminiscent of candyfloss with hints of raspberry. A well balanced and cheerful Rosé.

Cultivar: 88% Shiraz; 12% Sauvignon Blanc

 Allée Bleue Starlette Pinotage 2015

Labundant strawberry and ripe cherry flavours on the nose. A slight hint of chocolate, liquorice and coffee gives added complexity. The palate is smooth and soft with beautiful berry fruit that lingers. Elegant tannin structure rounds off this accessible wine which will age well over the next 2-3 years.

Cultivar: 100% Pinotage

 Allée Bleue Premium Chenin Blanc 2017

The wine has a pale straw colour with green tinge. The intense aromas of tropical fruit and well supported by an elegant vanilla and nutty bouquet. The palate is rich and vibrant with layers of sundried fruits, nougat and lemony aftertaste. The rich and ripe flavours are in perfect harmony with the zesty minerality

Cultivar: 96% Chenin Blanc;  4% Viognier

 Allée Bleue Premium Shiraz 2015

Intense deep red colour. Powerful bouquet of violets, cinnamon and chocolate followed by ripe cherries. The palate is smooth and silky, packed with berry fruit and spicy nuances.

Cultivar: 100% Shiraz

 Allée Bleue Premium Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot 2014

A deep ruby red colour. Intense flavours of fynbos, mint and in particular, blueberry welcome you on the nose, followed by aromas of cinnamon, lead pencil and dark chocolate. The palate is full flavoured with ripe cherries and a spicy undertone. All these are then beautifully wrapped in supple tannins which give this wine great balance and elegance.

Cultivar: 56% Cabernet Sauvignon; 44% Merlot

 Allée Bleue Platinum Isabeau 2014

The Flagship White Wine. The colour is a pale straw hue with shades of green. Abundant citrus and dried apricot welcomes you on the nose. Layers of spicy cinnamon and soft vanilla follow. The palate is silky with elegant flavours of summer fruits and lingering lemon aftertaste.

Cultivar: 68% Chardonnay, 21% Semillon and 11% Viognier

 Allée Bleue Platinum Pinotage 2015

Intense brick red color. Upfront fruit reminding of ripe cherries and strawberries. Followed by sweet vanilla pods and some liquorice which are all true to the cultivar. The palate is rich, soft and very elegant. A full flavored Pinotage which reflects the terroir and the cultivar.

Cultivar: 100% Pinotage

 Allée Bleue Platinum L'Amour Toujours 2013

The flagship red wine - delicate flavours of fynbos, cedar and cigar box, all beautifully wrapped in blackberry fruit. The palate is reminiscent of spice, dark chocolate and cinnamon with elegant and soft tannins. This is a unique wine which will intrigue even the best connoisseur.

Cultivar: 35% Cabernet Franc; 40% Cabernet Sauvignon; 20% Merlot; 5% Petit Verdot

 Allée Bleue Black Series Single Vineyard Syrah 2014

A brooding Shiraz with heaps of white pepper spice, ripe plums, violets, cinnamon and a hint of liquorice on the nose. The palate is super elegant and soft with all the flavours pulling through to the palate. 

Cultivar: 100% Shiraz


 Allée Bleue Black Series Old Vine Pinotage 2016

 All the berries are here, strawberry, raspberry, blackberries and plums. Wrapped in a layer of fine dark chocolate and offset with a touch of liquorice. The mouthfeel is soft and silky with just enough tannin. This wine will evolve and mature into something really special over the next 4-7 years. 

Cultivar: 100% Pinotage


 Allée Bleue Black Series Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

 A true reflection of the cultivar and the site. Loads of blackcurrant and its leaves, some herbaciouness, even mint, ending with fynbos. All wrapped in subtle oak with some cedarwood , lead pencil and liquorice shining through. Tannins are elegant but does round out the wine and add length. 

Cultivar: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon

(only available as Magnum bottle)

 Allée Bleue Brut Rosé 2014

A fresh and lively MCC filled with flavours of strawberries, rose petals and candy floss. The palate is clean and refreshing with great balance and zesty minerality. A great sparkling wine for those special friends and moments in life. Memories in a bottle. Apply within.

Cultivar: 61% Pinotage; 30% Pinot Noir; 9% Chenin Blanc

 Allée Bleue Brut 2013

A classic blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay makes this a true MCC. A bouquet of toasted nuts, brioche, candyfloss and citrus speak of the passion involved in making a wine of such class. The palate is rich and complex, with classic flavours of baked bread and marzipan.

Cultivar: 52% Chardonnay; 48% Pinot Noir

 Allée Bleue Cape Ruby Port 2015

Intense aromas of cherries and Christmas pudding. Well supported by rich vanilla and intriguing spiciness. A truly complex and layered wine which will age beautifully.

Cultivar: 100% Pinotage

 Allée Bleue Viognier Grappa 2015

The flavours are potent and powerful, yet with a quaint elegance. Rich tropical fruits, hints of apricot and fig welcomes you on the nose.Alight hint of nuttiness reminds of rich Christmas pudding. The palate is clean, refreshing and SMOOTH. The grappa is well balanced and not overwhelming as many people would think. But it does kick like a female ostrich in heat.

Cultivar: 100% Viognier