Thorne and Daughters Wines was started in 2012 by John and Tasha Seccombe to produce authentic wines in the beautiful Western Cape where they have made their home. It has been a long journey that has taken them around the world and brought them back there to where they first met. "We are in love with the Cape, and we want to taste this air and this sunshine in our wines."

To produce their wines thy've drawn on the great history of wine growing in the Cape, putting together old vineyard parcels with new grape varieties, and making wines with old school simplicity and a modern ‘edge’. Their approach to wine making is simple, honest and gentle, and they are looking to make wines that tell a story, not wines that shout and bang a drum.

They spend a lot of time cooking and talking about wine, food, photography, building, and gardening. Their home and family are so important to us and they are constant sources of energy and inspiration that we take into the world. They are ridiculously passionate about what they do, and are so grateful to be able to make these wines and share their ideas.

Thorne & Daughters Tin Soldier 2016

Tin Soldier is a skin-fermented field blend of Semillon blanc and Semillon gris. Semillon gris is almost unique to South Africa, and a vestige of a time when Semillon was the grape on which the South African wine industry was built. The colour of the wine is unusual, having taken some bright copper tones from its time on skins. The nose is striking, with a briney, oyster-bed note coming out under subtle red fruit, citrus peel and red and white peppercorn notes. The interplay between savoury and sweet is a key point of interest in Tin Soldier, and makes for a subtle and engaging wine. The palate is finely structured, with fresh acidity and full flavours of strawberry leaf, sweet herbs and pink peppercorn. It is dry and delicate, while at the same time showing a core of richness and depth.

Cultivar: 100% Sémillon Gris & Sémillon

(very limited amounts available)

Thorne & Daughters Paperkite 2016

One of the key heritage varietals in South Africa is Semillon, a grape variety that the modern wine industry was practically built on, but which now finds itself as a small presence in the viticultural landscape here. There are still a number of incredible, old Semillon vineyards in existence and we have been fortunate enough to work with some of them. Paper Kite is Thorne & Daughters expression of old vine South African Semillon. In 2016 they were fortunate to work with two vineyards in Swartland and Franschhoek that are 52 and 85 years old respectively. These old clones of Semillon (including a tiny amount of Semillon gris dotted about the vineyards) deliver an expression of Semillon that is very much at odds with the modern, aromatic clones. The wines they produce are hauntingly beautiful and difficult to define. The wine is rich, textured and complex, shows wonderful spice, floral and savoury tones, waxy lemon rind and vinous herbal / green fruit character of great length.

Cultivar: 100% Old Vine Sémillon & Sémillon Gris

(very limited amounts available)

Thorne & Daughters Rocking Horse 2016

Rocking Horse is Thorne & Daughters cornerstone wine and takes its name from a wooden rocking horse that they made for their daughters out of old oak barrel staves. The wine is composed from a number of carefully selected vineyard sites in the Western Cape. The aromas are of lime leaf, white peach, exotic woods, and rosemary. In the mouth, the wine starts broad and rich, resolving into a keen line of acidity supported by a gentle tannin.

Cultivar: 27% Semillon; 25% Chardonnay: 20% Rooussanne; 17% Clairette Blanche; 9% Chenin Blanc; 2% Viura

(very limited amounts available)

Thorne & Daughters Wanderer's Heart 2016

In the middle of 2016 Thorne & Daughters commissioned a writer friend to write a series of short children's stories about growing up the Cape, and they used these stories as the inspiration for the names for their new red wines. The 2016 Wanderer's Heart is their interpretation of a Cape Red Blend. The wine's aromas include tea leaf, dried cranberry, exotic woods, dried herbs and citrus peel, and a whiff of the apothecary's chest. The wine is light and keenly balanced, with a dusting of talc-like tanins.

Cultivar: 69% Grenache Noir; 21% Cinsaut; 10% Mourvédre

(very limited amounts available)