“Pinotage is not for sissies”, words Jan Boland Coetzee will use to explain the challenges of Pinotage to other winemakers. It was these challenges and the exposure to great old vines baring unique grapes that started this love affair with Pinotage. If you are lucky enough to have the right terroir and put in the effort that Pinotage deserves, there is no wine more rewarding.

An award-winning Pinotage made by the Beeslaar family somewhere between Stellenbosch, Franchhoek and Paarl

Beeslaar Pinotage 2017

The deep, brooding colour is typical and hints at the opulent nose of red and black cherry, wet tobacco, pleasant oak aromas and a touch of iron. This earthy, mineral tone follows to the palate, perfectly complementing the rich fruit, florals and hint of banana loaf. The lasting impression is of a youthful wine that is wonderfully balanced, but needing two years in bottle to shine.

Cultivar: 100% Pinotage