New additions for Montpellier

Montpellier added three new wines to their portfolio, which are now also available at Winematters. A ripe tropical Chenin Blanc for all the Chenin lovers. The Sauvignon Blanc with its subtle passion fruit aromas, which did so well at our recent tasting hosted by Luan from Montpellier. Not to forget, my personal favourite, the Montpellier Rosé. The Flavours overflow with zesty cherry and strawberry notes. 

Savage is coming back to Town

After a short absence, the Savage range is available again. Savage wines experienced some changes since we are working with them. Duncan Savage resigned at one of the better known Wine Estates to invest more time in his own fabulous projects. He purchased his own place right inside Cape Town, which will make this the cities only fully functional wine production facility. Very exiting stuff... just as exciting as the new vintage.


momento_logoMomento Wines

Inspired by travelling the world of wine and grapes, especially the ancient vineyards of the Old World; Momento Wines was born – “Wines that reflect all the elements involved: the sun, soil, water and earth – along with people, personalities, ideas and experiences.” Momento Wines aremade and based in Bot River, a truly authentic and diverse region of South Africa. The winemaking approach is gentle and ‘hands-off’, respecting the grape and its place, and allowing the wine to express its own character and origin. In addition to the Grenache, a Tinta Barocca and Chenin/Verdelho were added to the Momento range.


beeslaar logo1
Beeslaar Pinotage

“Pinotage is not for sissies”, words Jan Boland Coetzee will use to explain the challenges of Pinotage to other winemakers. It was these challenges and the exposure to great old vines baring unique grapes that started this love affair with Pinotage. If you are lucky enough to have the right terroir and put in the effort that Pinotage deserves, there is no wine more rewarding.
Produced by Abrie Beeslaar, IWSC Winemaker of the Year 2015.


Exclusive Blankbottle wines arrived

Again we managed to get hold of a few of Blankbotlle's wines. Smooth Semillion Blends, elegant Riesling, elusive Nebbiolo and some dramatic red blends, enrich our wine portfolio. Stock is limited and some of these already sold out at the winery itself. Enjoy the handmade labels that won Blankbottle the Wine Label Design Award in 2015.

12491852_10153362143552616_2695549241514523149_oNitida - Dressed for Success

Check out the new labels from Nitida. Each label features a unique hand-drawn design, created using natural inks from their very own Nitida‬ Protea leaves. Inspired by the ‪Protea Nitidus‬ that grows on the estate, each label features local ‪Renosterveld‬ flora and a few of the many creatures that call the farm home.

Platters 2016

With the annual Platter's by Diners Club presentation held end of October, some of our estates achieved 5 Stars. Nitida for its extraordinary The Wild Child. Sterhuis for the second time in a row for it's remarkable Chardonnay. Miles Mossop walking out with two awards for its terrific red blend Max and the marvellous dessert wine Kika. And for 7 years in a row Newton Johnson got awarded for it's phenomenal Family Vineyards Pinot Noir, as well as their exceptional Family Vineyards Granum.

Miles Mossop

Miles Mossop Wines burst onto the scene in 2004 when the first wines were made: Max 2004 and Saskia 2004. Max is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot and more recently Malbec, and Saskia, a blend of Chenin blanc, Viognier and more recently Clairette blanche. Later, in 2009, a third wine was introduced, the Kika 2009, a botrytised wine made in the Noble Late Harvest style from 100% Chenin blanc.
Miles Mossop Wines are high rated wines, getting as much as five Stars in Platters for Saskia.